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Fuel Tank - Fire
Truck Underride Hazards
Truck Conspicuity
Rollover - Roof Crush
Seat Backrest Collapse
Side Impact - Intrusion
Airbags That Kill or Injure
Side Windows - Ejection
Seatbelts - Slack & Automatics
Vehicle Mismatch:
Big SUVs, Little Cars
Door Latch - Ejection
Backup Lights & Alarms
School Bus Hazards
Improved Designs for Underride Guards
Vehicle Mismatch - NJ Lawyer 2004
Airbag Defects and Solutions
Protecting Children in Crashes

The Bloch Auto Safety Archives

The Bloch Auto Safety Archives are a unique and extensive repository of vehicle safety documentation, books, films, and videos covering the past 50-plus years. The vehicle safety subjects are extremely comprehensive... including accident investigations, crash tests, federal safety standards, and the history and technology of virtually all aspects of vehicle safety design and vehicle crashworthiness.

Major vehicle safety design topics include fuel tank systems, side impact structures, airbag systems, seatbelts and airbags of various designs, roof structures for rollover protection, truck underride guards, truck conspicuity measures, vehicle seats, door structures and latching systems, window glazing, and more.

Crash test films and videos show how vehicles perform in all crash modes... frontal impacts, side impacts, rear impacts, rollovers, and underride crashes beneath large trucks and trailers. Such crash tests can help to understand and illustrate what likely happened to an injured victim in a real-world collision.

Historical documents can show what the industry knew and when they knew it , to show their "knowledge and notice" about a vehicle safety hazard and how to correct the problematic designs with safer alternative designs.

In his 30-plus years of active involvement in vehicle safety , Byron Bloch has continuously gathered extensive materials from the auto industry, from specific auto manufacturers, from collision accident investigations, from auto defect litigation cases, from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, from Congressional Hearings, and from a myriad of other sources.

Whether utilized on behalf of an auto defect case , or as critical elements in our producing a Video Expert Report to present and strengthen your case for mediation or trial, the extensive resources from the Bloch Auto Safety Archives present a unique advantage that is found nowhere else.

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